How Acceptance SOLVES Problems!

🌟 Focusing on problems is a habit. And so is focusing on solutions.

The problem is when we don’t see any other option than to complain. It’s hard-wired in our evolution to focus on what’s wrong; it’s our survival brain doing its job to protect us. But there is in fact another option…☝️

Accept reality just as it is. 🙌

🗣️ “That’s ridiculous Donald! There’s so much injustice in the world! How can you ‘accept’ when there’s so much injustice and atrocities?!” 🗣️

Let me clarify: Accepting life as it is does not mean you are ignoring the injustice, corruption, or things that are wrong in the world. Acceptance is so you don’t allow your ego to control your emotions. 🗯️

When you constantly focus on what others “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing, fighting about what “should” or “shouldn’t” be happening in the world, you will also find more of it.

🌟 Whatever you focus on consistently, your mind places a focus to keep finding more of it in your life. 🌟

So if you’re always looking for what’s wrong in your life, your mind, like Google, will be sure to find a huge amount of search results with the keyword: “What’s wrong in my life?” 💻

But when you accept things as they are, you free yourself from unnecessary suffering. You let go of the emotional baggage which comes from focusing on a problem, so you have a clear head to better focus on solutions. 😊

The Stoic philosopher Epictetus said: “What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgments about the things.” When you’re judging, you cannot accept.

🌟 When you argue with reality, you always lose. 🌟

If I told you to NOT think about a pink elephant, what are you thinking about right now? And what if I told you to STOP thinking about it, what remains in your mind? 🐘

But what if I told you to be absolutely okay that the thought of a pink elephant crossed your mind? Be absolutely okay, accepting of the thought, and then choose to let it go. I’d be curious to know how fast your mind starts to focus on other things. 😉








How We Should HANDLE Problems!

What if every problem was a gift? 🎁

Think about it:

🌟 Problems stem from the person who says there is a problem. 🌟

But what is a problem to one person may in fact not be to another:

📌 You feel too cold in a room, but another person says the room temperature is just fine.

📌 You’re driving and worried about being somewhere late, but your friend assures you will be there plenty early.

📌 A person is blasting music you hate, but the other person says you just need to just loosen up.

Ask yourself:

👍 What does this problem say about me? How am I feeling? What is the story I’m telling myself that is making this problem?

👍 What are the potential solutions to this problem? How would solving this problem fast make me feel?

👍 Is this problem really worth lingering over? Is it really worth sacrificing my internal happiness for this problem?

We ALL deal with problems. They’re not exclusive to a select few. 👥

Most problems are not even that important! 👍

We’ll create problems that aren’t there. We’ll magnify problems and make them bigger than they need to be. We’ll make them seem more life-or-death in our minds than they actually are

🌟 Focus far less on the problem and far more on the solutions. 🌟

I’m not saying having a problem is “bad”. I’m saying let’s change our relationship with problems. Problems will always happen, but it’s how we work work with them, these hindrances, that will make all the difference. 😊 #TranscendLabels








Why Problems Are GIFTS!

Things in life won’t always go the way we want them to. 👍

📍 Someone doesn’t follow through on their promise to you.

📍 Your car breaks down at the worst time.

📍 Just need at all in your day is going as planned.

Life can hit you when you least expect it. And it will hit you hard! 💥

🌟 When expectations about how our lives “should” be are not met, we suffer. 🌟

So we can complain. We can whine. We can cry. We can feel sorry for ourselves. We can do all of the above! 😤

But there’s another option! 😲

When these moments come, and they surely will come, how about we be prepared…🔎

🧠 Remind ourselves these moment are only temporary.

🧠 Remind ourselves what we’re feeling is only temporary.

🧠 Let ourselves take a few deep breaths to re-center your focuses.

🧠 To ask ourselves: “What is the gift I can take from this situation?”

“Wait wait wait! Problems are NOT gifts! They are problems, painful, annoying, and useless!” 🗣️

But who’s to say problems can’t also be “gifts”? 😉

🌟 What if we could treat every problem we experienced in our lives as a gift, another opportunity for us to grow as individuals? 🌟

It’s easy to get caught up in “the heat of the moment”! I’ve done it myself too. 👍

But the ultimate triumph comes when even in the most heated of situations you allow yourself to stop, think, and reframe your perspective. 💪

Purposefully, you turn what your brain first said was a negative situation into a positive. 😁

🌟 You either take control of your emotions or your emotions take control of you. #TranscendLabels