How We Can POSSESS Our Beliefs!

📌 The Optimist believes in the best for the future. Therefore their mind tends to focus on hope and faith.

📌 The Pessimist believes in the worst for the future. Therefore their mind tends to focus on what’s wrong with the world.

📌 The Realist believes in seeing things as they are, not better or worse. Therefore their mind tends to focus on the facts, not the stories about the facts.

📌 The Cynic believes in the selfishness of others. Therefore their mind tends to focus on distrusting other people’s “good” intentions, regardless of the truth.

What do all these categories have in common? They are all ways of looking at life. I’m not saying which is more “right” or “wrong”; they just are ways of seeing the world. And each outlook will produce a different experience of living. 🙌

🌟 Our outlook constantly colors and shapes how we perceive life. 🌟

Take an example of people who get in a car accident.

📌 The Optimist hopes the people in the accident are all okay.

📌 The Pessimist expects most, if not every person in the accident has died.

📌 The Realist measures the probability that each people in the accident will live or die.

📌 The Cynic assumes the people in the accident were intentionally careless or, perhaps, intentionally caused it to collect insurance money.

🌟 We don’t see life as it is. We see life as a reflection of our worldviews. 🌟

Carl Jung talked about how ideas can possess people, rather than people possessing ideas. And when a worldview possesses a person, the person is no longer in control. The worldview itself speaks through the person. 🗣️

Having beliefs and worldviews aren’t intrinsically bad. We all have them and need them to function. It’s when we lose our self-control at the expense of our beliefs and worldviews when they become a problem. 👍

So how can we check if our beliefs and worldviews possess us?

📍 Acknowledge most of our beliefs are not even our own. We’ve picked them up over time, had them conditioned into us by our environments, and embraced these subjective truths as our own.

📍 Challenge our beliefs. Question how they could in fact be wrong. Dare our egos to poke holes in them, as much as our egos don’t want to. Question our ego’s need to hold onto them.

📍 Seek other points of view that challenge our beliefs. It doesn’t mean you have to agree or support them. You can empathize with opposing beliefs and viewpoints and still disagree with them.

Why Separation is EMPOWERING!

Take the example of a bow, an arrow, and a target. 🏹

You’ve practiced for months. You’ve spent countless hours shooting arrows. And today is The Day, the day you decide you’ve practiced long enough to hit the bullseye multiple consecutive times! 🎯

But somehow, you’re not at all nervous. You’re not even worried! You’ve practiced a lot, that’s for sure. But there’s one valuable lesson you’ve also learned in your life which rids you of needless worry…

🌟 Separate the things which are in your control from the things not in your control. 🌟

To be kind to another person is within your control. To know if the person will be kind in return is not in your control. ❤️

To tell the truth is in your control. To know if telling the truth will benefit you in your current situation is out of your control. 🗣️

To keep a promise is in your control. To know if someone else will keep their promise is out of your control. 🤝

To practice, to prepare, to aim, and shoot an arrow at a target is in your control. But to know if the arrow will hit the bullseye once it’s left your bow is not in your control. 🏹

The problem is we so often put focus on what’s not in our control. So much of the news we read, hear, and absorb today are about other people, other events, and things which are not at all in our control. 📺

So then we focus on the arrow even though it’s already left our bows. We focus on all the arrows of others even though they have nothing to do with our everyday lives. In doing so, we’re causing ourselves needless worry and anxiety! 😫

So what then? We must flip our focuses back to what we can control, not just for our own mental health but for the impact we make by doing so. We focus on being a good person. We focus on setting the example. We focus on taking action on things within our control. 💪

Because once you make a habit to start separating these two, placing all your energy into what’s in your control, you will save yourself a ton of time and stress! ❤️

How You TRANSFORM Your Life!

“Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.” – Viktor Frankl 🗣

🌟 A life filled with purpose and meaning is what drives a person forward. 🌟

What gets you out of bed every morning? Do you PUSH yourself out of bed? Or are you PULLED to something greater than the present moment? Why does any person wake up each morning: to live…or to maintain? 🤔

I believe these are very important questions we need to ask in a world where mental health continues to be a grave concern. 🧠

⚠️ According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of mental illness with an estimate 300 MILLION people affected. ⚠️

A few years ago I would’ve also been a part of that list. But I don’t consider myself anymore. 😲

“How did you change that?” 💬

One thing I’ll tell you for certain was it wasn’t a quick fix. It’s a process, one which will take time, patience, and lots of focus. 👀

But I can tell you it’s worth it! ❤️

📍 DO MORE THINGS THAT LIGHT UP YOUR HEART & SOUL. Even if others say it’s not “realistic” or “worth it”, if it’s worth it to you that’s what matters. You do it for you, not for other people.

📍 START CHOOSING TO SEE YOUR PROBLEMS AS “GIFTS”. No matter how bad the problem is, ask yourself how this problem can work in your favor.

📍 START CHALLENGING YOUR BAD HABITS & BUILD NEW ONES. It’s easier to break an old habit than it is to build a new one. Remind yourself the changes you’re making are for your Future Self.

📍 DEVELOP MORE SELF-AWARENESS. Whether it’s meditating, journaling, or creating goals, the better you understand yourself (the good and the bad) the faster you can make adjustments in your life.

📍 DO MORE GOOD FOR OTHERS. The fastest way out of suffering? Do good for the next person you see. It can even be as simple as a smile. It’s when we’re stuck in our heads where we suffer.

Shoutout to my friend Rapahel and the work his non-profit The Hero Foundation Napa is doing for his community! It’s how I got this awesome shirt! 👕

I hope it inspires you to spread good too! Because THAT is a life worth living! ❤️

Why Self-Help NEEDS Patience!

🗣️ “I’m ready to become my best self! Where’s the secret sauce?” 🗣️

Well let’s hold on a second here! 🛑 I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I think this requires some clarification! 😅

Do you really want to become your best self? I also want to become my best self, so we’re in this together! 🤝

But there’s a common misconception in the self-help community that needs to be addressed. In fact, I think it’s one the first things people need to know when they decide to work on themselves. 👍

You’re not going to be told it in our modern society. We live in a day and age which thrives on instant gratification. 💨

📍 Want an item from Amazon? Get it delivered to your door next day!

📍 Want to watch a movie? Click and stream it online!

📍 Want an answer to a random question? Ask Siri on your iPhone!

And let me add these are all GREAT things! The advances in science and technology have brought us so much convenience than we had a decade ago! It should definitely be applauded! 👏

But what I want to emphasize is with personal growth, it’s VERY different! You could even say personal growth is like entering a different culture! 😲

Why? Because when you want to better yourself, to build new habits, to focus on accomplishing goals, and to do all this the rest of your life…well let me assure there’s not going to be any overnight shipping for this! 😅

🌟 Becoming your best self will not offer the same conveniences our modern society does. 🌟

It’s going to take time. It’s going to require dedication. You’ll be stepping into uncharted territories. And it will be a journey, not a destination. 🧭

It’s easy for us to start working on ourselves, not see the results we want, and we quickly give up. Again, our society reinforces instant gratification. 👍

But think of something in your life you want to work on, to become better at, to improve within yourself. And I want you to think about your Future Self, what he/she would say to you if you embarked on this long-term venture. 🗣️

Becoming your best self is not for me. It’s for you. It’s for your Future Self. It’s because you have only one life to live. ⌛

🌟 Netflix is instant. Living a life is not. 🌟