Social Media: Why It’s OKAY to Not Be Okay! ❤️


…Except on social media where you must be flawless and show only your successes to gain social capital with your online peers! 😉







Okay, but serious talk now! ✋

I’m guilty of doing this too! Who DOESN’T want to feel appreciated and validated in their lives? 🤗

Even for the individual who claims they don’t want Significance, to some extent no matter how small they still do. 👍 They may even be getting their Significance need by ACTING like they don’t need Significance! 😅

I’m reminded of the words of William James: “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” 👤

So yes, we all need Significance! The only difference is in how we prioritize this need in our lives. ⚖️

If Significance is at the top of our list, we’ll make it a mental priority to find ways to be in the spotlight. 🥇 Regardless of what we say or do, whether we play the Victim or Victor Card, our primary motivations are to be at the center of attention! 📸


However, if our Significance need is near the bottom of our list, we won’t mind remaining in the background. Our primary motivation is not about “being seen”. It may still feel nice, but it’s not very important. 🤷‍♂️

(You may also be very likely NOT on social media! 🤣)


Alas, I have fallen into the same traps online I openly critique 🙋‍♂️. I DO like to focus on sharing the positives on my profile. I DO like to display more of my successes than my failures. 👍

I think it’s quite easy for us all to do this on a platform where we’re 100% in control of what we want to share with others. 💯

On a platform which can provide Significance to us on a global scale, why would anyone be inclined to share their common humanity, not the least of which includes the not-too-sexy details of our lives? There’s a safe bet it wouldn’t benefit us, right? 👎

So in this respect, we’ve all created artificial versions of ourselves online, some more honest than others, and some not even real at all! 🤖

Think of the social media profile where you can’t distinguish whether the person you’re messaging with is genuine or a person who’s only developing rapport with you because you are their next potential business customer. 🤑

Unfortunately, we are limited to the online realities with which each person presents us with 💻.

🚘 It doesn’t matter if a person is actually rich; they can pose next to a sports car and give us the impression they are.

🙌 It doesn’t matter if a person is actually generous; they can take a photo at a charity event and give us lip service that they are.

👤 It doesn’t matter if a person is actually the person they claim to be; they can present you with limited segments of their life that reinforce their claims.

From the Upanishads: “We are like the dreamer who dreams and then lives inside the dream.” 💭


So while in real life we’re limited to how we know others, it’s not at all to the same extent online. Online we’re required to fill in far more holes about other people, compared to talking directly with them face-to-face. 👫

➡️ So no matter how hard we try, we can’t escape the fact that social media doesn’t place an equivalence to the mundanities of real life connections, ones which can be quite messy, ones which take a long time to develop into meaningful relationships, ones which someone’s personality cannot so easily be hidden as behind their social media profile. ⬅️


My point is the quote I’ve repeated 3 times and will now repeat for a 4th time…😅


Once we’ve logged off our social medias, quit out of our videogames, turned off our TVs, closed our books, and awoke from our fantasy worlds, what is left? Our real lives.

📍 We’re faced once again with the reality we’re still fundamentally unhappy.

📍 We’re faced once again with the reality that life still has down moments, no matter how much we wish they didn’t exist.

📍 We’re faced once again with the reality that life can be REALLY HARD at times.

Online it’s easy to see our friends and compare ourselves to them. It was a big problem for me for a while too! I saw where my friends were traveling, I saw how happy they looked, I saw them sharing all the achievements they made…and it made me wonder: “Is there something wrong with me?” 😔

It made me hold myself to a standard of perfection which could never be met!

So before this paradigm negatively affects another person, I write this status to BREAK the paradigm. 💥

🚨 Social Media is NOT real life and it never will be!

🚨 NO ONE will ever be 100% real online (not even me)!

🚨 You rarely will see people share their failures online! But EVERY PERSON still has their share whether they admit it or not (again, me too)!

🚨 Your self-worth NO LONGER has to be dependent comparing yourself to others! We’re all on individual paths; I want you to create your own path and dare to be original!

Last, and most importantly:


I say this because your emotions will ALWAYS be a part of your life. I give you FULL PERMISSION to accept the emotions you’re currently feeling! 💯

If meditation has taught me anything, it’s that acceptance of whatever you feel is the 1st step to effectively working with your emotions. But I’ll save those details for a future post…🧘‍♂️

I at times am conflicted each time I post online. While I aim to keep my social media real, I also acknowledge I may simultaneously be contributing to the very problems I criticize. An eye for an eye! 👀

But if what I post is worth anything, it’s that at least 1 person reads them and says: “I’m glad I read this today!” ❤️

For many of us that use social media mindlessly, what if we collectively starting using it as a Force for Good? ✊

Think of Mr. Fred Rogers, who wasn’t fond of the mindless entertainment kids were getting on TV, so he decided to use the platform to entertain AND teach life lessons. How many of you fondly remember “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”? 🙋‍♂️

No, I’m not saying we all need to be Mr. Rogers for Social Media! 😅 What I’m saying is what if we all started using this platform for something more meaningful, more heartfelt, and a bit less for Significance and Sales? I wonder how much of a difference we could make! 🌎

Even behind a computer screen, we still have the potential to be an example to inspire others to be better people. Mr. Rogers still did behind a television screen. 😉

It all starts with your next post…❤️

And for those less inclined to read this lengthy post, on a platform where visuals and clickbait are primary drivers to grab your attention, here’s just an aesthetically pleasing modeling photo for your eyes to enjoy! 😜

How Giving Back is An ANTIDOTE!

🌟 Find ways to give back to others. 🌟
Now this may sound a bit cheesy or common sense, but common sense isn’t common. Otherwise more of us would be using it. 😉
And not only is giving back “common sense”, it’s a powerful antidote for suffering. Yes, an antidote for suffering! 😲
How so, Donald? 🗣️
📍 We gather new perspectives on our own suffering through other people’s. We see how our hopes and fears are similar to each others. We continue to realize we’re not alone in our pain.
📍 When we focus on our problems, they magnify in our minds. The less we focus on our problems, the greater they shrink.
📍 We forget that problems are a necessary part of life. Because without problems, we wouldn’t grow as people.
I challenge you to give more back to others, even when you think you can’t. One thing I can assure you on…👂
❤️ There’s never going to be a “perfect time” to do it. ❤️
This past weekend I had the privilege to give back and serve at another one of Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within event for 15,000 participants! Add to that, I’ll also be serving at London’s event too next month! 😄
The progress I’ve made the past few years I give a lot of credit to his work! The least I can do is give back and pay it forward. ❤️ #UPWLA2019









👊 I WON’T! 👊
I can be another person sharing modeling photos with little reason other than to be a pretty face. But I won’t! 
I can give you the impression my life is perfect and flawless. But I won’t! 
I can lie and present you a false portrayal about who I stand for as a person, all while having ulterior motives. But I won’t! 
Sometimes I wonder if I’m one of the few online who shares these feelings of responsibility, this weight I carry every time I create and share a post to help others. 🤔
What’s missing online today is DEPTH! What’s missing is HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, and AUTHENTICITY! We have plenty of STYLE, but far less SUBSTANCE! We have plenty of pretty pictures, but less meaning to enjoy them with. We have many online friends, but fewer we could say we’re deeply connected with. And I say this all with so much love! 
🌟 What we need online is less posing and more people of example.🌟
I can’t imagine the emotions a teenager feels when they see a modeling photo like my own, sees hundreds of other people doing the same, and feeling a sense of inferiority that stacks upon them day-after-day. “Why can’t I just have a life like theirs?!” 😞
I never want someone to feel that way. My life is definitely not perfect, and I’ll never claim it to be. 👎
📍 I use filters on most of my photos.
📍 I pose for most of my photos.
📍 If someone pretends to act perfect online, they’re lying.
📍 If someone pretends that hard work is not required to do what they’re doing online, they’re also lying.
📍 Behind this post lies a human being who’s been working hard on his social media for over a year.
📍 You don’t ever have to feel you need to be Me. I’m just a person with ideas you can take and leave as you please.
If I’ve ever come across as such in the past, I genuinely apologize. While I don’t always share everything there is to know about me, while I tend to share more about what’s good rather than what’s bad in my life, what I will continue to do for you all is keep being a Force for the Substance I continue to see missing. 👍
I aim to fill this void which is echoing directly into people’s hearts. And yes, perhaps that also means more “longer” posts in the future haha! 😂
🌟 We need more people who will help us think about our own lives and less about theirs. 🌟
It’s something which social media may not want but social media needs. Everyone may not like it, but I’m not here for everyone to like me. Much love to you all! ❤️ #TranscendLabels








Why Social Media Needs HONESTY!


On Social Media, you can be whoever you want!

💻 By day you can be a Social Media Influencer. By night you’re working 2 jobs to make ends meet.

💻 By day you can be an viral sensation. By night you’re a person who has no idea what to do with their life.

💻 By day you can create angry rant videos. By night you wouldn’t so much as raise your hand to swat a fly.

Online you can be a very different person than who you actually are in reality. Online you’re able to put out only what you want others to see, for better or for worse. 🔎


Like so many, I like to share the BEST parts of me and my life online. I love to inspire, to encourage people to think deeper, to provide an empowering social media space which others can see on a daily basis. I share what I believe will make someone’s day, somehow somewhere. Overall, I share the very best of what I believe will benefit others. 😊

But when you look past the branding parts of me: past my modeling photos (like the one here), past my lengthy stories, past my traveling ventures, past my clickbait titles (like the one I literally just did above)…

✅ I’m still just another emotional human being.

✅ I still have problems just like anyone else.

✅ I still don’t always know exactly what I’m doing.

✅ I still make plenty of mistakes and have moments of self-doubt.

✅ I still play “the Game” to building an online social media presence so my mission will spread to a global level.

I’m not here to be fake. I’m here to be honest with you. I’m honest with you in that I don’t always share all there is to know about me. I’m honest in that I’m perfectly imperfect, that I’m still figuring things out, and that any online Influencer who acts like they have it completely together is either in the small 1% or is lying to themselves and everyone else. Some may say this openness makes me a bad leader to follow. I absolutely disagree. A true leader can acknowledge his flaws and the limitations of social media without shame. 👍

The fault with many people not seeing this is we’re more inclined to idolize and assume someone or something online has ALL the answers to life’s problems. We may blindly follow someone because of their online status. But they honestly don’t know everything, as much as they may portray themselves that way. I’m even saying to not blindly agree with everything I say either! Question it, think about it, and see if it works for you. 😀

It’s easy to see another person online you’ve never met and place them on a pedestal. The Pedestal Effect happens to all of us. You see someone with 15,000 followers, you see how many Likes they have on their posts, you see how many comments they get. Hell, I experienced it yesterday! It’s the appeal-to-authority we all can easily fall into, assume someone who is popular online also knows what’s best for the world. 👤

Why am I so honest about this? Because the ones with the most influence are the ones others will be placing the most trust in. I don’t take what I’m doing lightly. I feel a big responsibility.

📌 I don’t want to see future generations influenced by someone’s ignorance simply because they’re popular on social media.

📌 I don’t want to see kids being influenced to believe buying someone’s merchandise is the only way to long-term fulfillment and happiness.

📌 I don’t want to see people influenced to believe potentially dangerous advice from individuals who have not weighed the long-term consequences to the things they preach.

I don’t say these to dwell on other people. It is a part of what drives me to share the information and experiences I know with the world.

There’s one thing I can GUARANTEE you though: all these Influencers, no matter how high you may place them “above” you, have something they can definitely learn from YOU too, skills that have nothing to do with social media, marketing, and business. “Every man is in some way my superior, and in that I learn from him.” 😊

Anyways…here’s another modeling photo for the branding again! ❤️ #TranscendLabels