How We Can LOVE More!

“If I ever forget to mention how much I appreciate you being in my life, how you’ve helped me become a better person, this post is for you. 😊

I may not always show it. I may not always say it. I may only show it in the smallest of gestures. I may only say it in the briefest of words. 🔠

So it’s why I write this post to share with you now. If I haven’t told you today, yesterday, or any day that I appreciate you in my life, let it be known now.” 💬

Let’s pay it forward right now! 👍

📌 Tell someone how much they mean to you.

📌 Share with them why they’re important in your life.

📌 Let them know the qualities you admire in them.

📌 Acknowledge what they’ve done to help you become a better person.

📌 Explain about how different your life would be had you never met them. .

Lastly, tell them to spread the same message to one of their loved ones, friends or family. 👥

Let this become a chain reaction of appreciation and gratitude! 🙏

While we all get caught up in our everyday lives, staying busy and working hard, it’s easy to forget the Little Things, the connections that make us all human. ❤️

Some people in this world have not heard appreciation from someone in a very long time. Perhaps you’ll be the first one to make it happen! 😊

Why Not EVERY Voice in Your Head Matters!

“How could I be so stupid?!” 😫

“Why do I keep making the same mistake?!” 😫

“Why can’t I do anything right?!” 😩

These are things I use to say to myself! 🙋‍♂️

Did you know we are our harshest self critics? There’s no one out there that can criticize and cause us as much mental stress as the critic within our minds! 🧠

Why does this voice exist?!

📍 It is the echoes of other people’s opinions about you. You believe these opinions, no matter how empty they are, have some element of truth to them.

📍 It is when the expectations you hold for yourself are not met. Your survival brain doesn’t like change/uncertainty.

But here’s the #1 thing I want you to remember: IT’S JUST A VOICE! 🗣️

🌟 You don’t have to identify with every voice that pops into your head. 🌟

Throughout the day you’re going to have many voices come into your mind. But the best part is you don’t have to embrace every voice as fact. 😁

If there’s anything meditation taught me, the mind is like the weather: it’s always changing from one condition to the next. 🧘‍♂️

🧠 Allow the Voice of the Critic to speak in your mind. Accept the criticism unconditionally (be indifferent). And pretty soon you will hear less and less of the Voice. 🧠

In other words, there’s plenty more voices in your mind worth holding on to. Just not this one! ❤️

How You DEAL With Uncertainty!

🌟 The one thing we can be certain about…is life will be uncertain. 🌟

So what should we do, if we cannot always guarantee the future will be what we hope it will be? Should we fall into despair and just give up? 😭

Not at all! You’ve just embraced the first step forward. The first step is to acknowledge what is! 🎊

🗣️ “So what’s Step 2, Donald?!” 🗣️

💪 Embrace the Uncertainty!!! 💪

📍 Embrace every time expectation of yours that’s not met. 📍 Embrace every problem you come across.

📍 Embrace all the Uncertainty with confidence: “I knew I would see you again, Uncertainty! Welcome back!” 😂

Because Uncertainty will always return, no matter how much you wish it away. So instead of us trying to avoid him, let’s accept he’s here to stay. It’s only when we can move forward! 👣

And you’re not alone! Uncertainty is here with ALL of us! We’re in this together! ❤️

🌟 It’s only when we accept Uncertainty that we dare to live more freely. 🌟

Why It Is HARD To Change!


Have you ever wanted to make a big change in your life? Say for example you wanted to lose a significant amount of weight. 👊

But simultaneously there was a part of you that didn’t want to change, didn’t want to take the actions required to make the change. Can you relate? 🙋‍♂️


I can give you one big reason! 🙌

But before I do, the first thing we need to remember is we are creatures of habit. From the words we say to the mannerisms we use to the kinds of foods we eat, habits shape our lives for better or for worse. ↕️

We are also creatures of emotion. We are driven to do things because of how they make us feel, make us feel pain or feel pleasure. ↔️

But it’s important we remember that we associate different meanings to different things. 🤨

One person going to the gym sees it as a “chore”. Another sees it as a “necessity”. One person eating fast food sees it as a “indulgence”. Another sees it as “unhealthy”. It’s all about perspective! 👀

So why is it so hard to change our habits? I’ll give you one big reason! ⚠️

🌟 We associate more pleasure to keeping our old habits than to building a new one. 🌟

It’s why I didn’t lose weight for such a long time! I desired to be thin, and I desired to be fit. But in my mind, the pleasure of eating fast food and soda every day outweighed any desire to go to the gym! 😔

Most importantly: building a new habit takes TIME! I cannot emphasize that enough, because it’s one of the biggest reasons people “fall back” to old habits. ↩️

I’ve had to catch myself at times too! 😅

So I don’t blame you if you say it’s not easy to change. It isn’t! Think of it like this…🤔

If you’re going to build a new habit, it will be among old habits you’ve possessed for years, perhaps even decades, that you will be competing against! 😅

Don’t be too hard on yourself! You got this! ❤️